E-ROCK - Operating Table


o E-Rock electric operating table is designed for a wide variety of surgical operations, including General operation, obstetrics, urology, ENT, endoscopic, neurosurgery, orthopedics, etc., There are standard tabletop and sliding tabletop available, Wide sliding range of tabletop: 350mm, which can fully meet the requirement of X-ray C-arm.

o Table frame is made of high-strength cast aluminum alloy and stainless steel.

o Memory foam mattress-comfortable for patients and prevent pressure ulcers.

o 24V low voltage and automatic electric lock guarantee operation safety.

o Battery charge ensures the table can be used when power failure.

o Automatic 0-position with one key for emergency case.

o Side rail with European or USA standards that can truly meet the international market needs.

o Wide range of accessories for various operations.

o Built-in kidney bridge.

Technical Data:

o Length of Table Top: 2160±10mm

o Width of Table Top: 550mm


o Height: 730-1030mm

o Trendelenburg:25°

o Rev. Trendelenburg:30°

o Lateral Tilt: 20°

o Back Section: Up 75°, Down10°

o Head Section (dischargeable): Up 30°, Down45°

o Leg Section (dischargeable):Up10° ,Down 90° ,Open:180°

o Sliding:350mm