The Detachable Handle Made Of Special Material Can Be Sterilized 135? Autoclave More Than 3000time.
The Excellent Lighting Depth And Shadow Less Effect Makes The Operation S Under Different Lighting Depth More Convenient.

Technical specifications
o Central illuminance (Lux) : 160,000 +160000
o Color Rendering index(RA) : 95<
o Color Temperature(K): A:4500 B:3500 4000 4500 5000(OPTION)
o Focusable Light - Field Size (mm): 150-300
o Effective Bulb Service life (hour): <50,000
o Diameter Lamp Housing : 700
o Lighting Depth L1+L2(mm): <1000
o Power (W): 80
o MIs Endoscopy Lighting: Available
Remote Control, HD Camera System.