The Detachable Handle Made Of Special Material Can Be Sterilized 135C Autoclave More Than 3000 Time.
The Excellent Lighting Depth And Shadow Less Effect Makes The Operation Under Different Lighting Depth More Convenient.

Technical specifications:

o Central illminance (Lux) : 160,000
o Color Rendering index(RA) : 95<
o Color Temperature(K): A:4500 B:3500 4000 4500 5000(OPTION)
o Focusable Light - Field Size (mm): 150-300
o Effective Bulb Service life (hour): <50,000
o Diameter Lamp Housing : 700
o Lighting Depth L1+L2(mm): <1000
o Power (W): 80
o MIs Endoscopy Lighting: Available
o Remote Control