AKAIMED Vein Viewer (PLUTOVEIN) - Infrared technology- 3 Modes (Basic, Inverse color, Green light)

Suitable for adult & pediatric

- Easy to use

- Battery up to 3 hr

- With Germany Mobile Stand

Technical specifications:

* Pluto vein Technology Based on the Theory of Infrared.

* Projection Absorption on the Living Hemoglobin which shows Higher Absorption Compared To other Tissues.

* With thanks of this technology the invisible veins can be Detected by the Projection of the Pluto Vein.

*The image remains undistorted up to 100 mm.

*Pluto vein allows you to see veins up to 10mm deep.

*Pluto vein allows vision of peripheral veins, bifurcations and valves.

*Pluto vein has 3 images pattern.

Basic mode Inverse mode Green light mode.

*The inverse color mode provides precise depth detection indicator.