Color Doppler Ultrasound - NOVA 7

Standard Configuration:

o Main unit with 19" high resolution LED monitor+4 probe connectors
o 500G hard disk; DVD-R/W and 6 USB ports
o 4D module
o B, 2B, 4B, B/M, B/BC, CFM, PW, Power Doppler/Directional PD, Instant Triplex, Duplex, Quadplex, Trapezoidal, Chroma B&M&PW
o Automatic PW trace and measurement in real time
o Super Image module: Tissue harmonic, Multiple Compound Imaging, SRA (Speckle Reduction Algorithm),X-contrast,Q-beam,Q-flow
o Q-Image (intelligent image optimization)
o Measurement & calculation software packages: General, OB&GYN
o 2D steer
o Super Needle
o DICOM 3.0 '

Advanced Technologies:

o Compared to the traditional dual-beam former on most ultrasound machines, the uses quad-beam technology for ultrasound signal receiving.
o Doubles the volume of signals received over traditional methods, increasing image resolution and generating more accurate images.
o Produces higher frame rates, ensuring better diagnostic confidence and efficiency, especially for moving organs.
o The NOVA 7 allows one-touch user-adjusted contrast resolution based upon differences in tissue density.
o Enhance, Normal, and Suppress settings increase or decrease contrast resolution, based on the tissue type and user preference.
o This adaptive color detection technology can automatically adjust the assessment of color signal and noise according to different tissues.
o As a result, color sensitivity of low-velocity flow is significantly enhanced.
o FHI is a HIT that uses multiple transmission and receiving methods based on the patients' size and weight. This allows the to maintain image resolution when imaging obese patients.
o Traditional Tissue Harmonics and Phased Harmonics compromise image quality and resolution when penetration is increased.

Image Processing Technologies:

o Speckle Reduction Algorithm (SRA)
o Multiple Compound Imaging (MCI)
o Q-image
o Q-flow
o X-contrast
o Q-beam
o Super Needle

Professional Clinical Applications:

o OB / GYN
o Vascular
o Small Parts
o Urology
o Pediatrics
o Cardiac
3.5 MHz Convex probe
4.0-15.0 MHz Linear probe
7.0-18.0 MHz Linear probe
4.0-15.0MHz Linear probe (60mm)
6.0 MHz Trans-vaginal probe
7.5 MHz Trans-vaginal probe
3.0 MHz Phased array probe (Adult)
6.0 MHz Phased array probe (Pediatric)
5.0 MHz Pediatric Micro-Convex probe
6.0 MHz Pediatric Micro-convex probe
7.5MHz Trans-rectal probe
4.5 MHz 4D volume probe


o 4D software license
o Virtual HD/Depth View
o Curved Panoramic View
o Elastography
o Stress Echo
o Extended Cardiac Package: ECG Software, CW, Free Steering M, Color M, TDI ( standard under phase array probe)
o Battery o Biopsy kit: for 3.5 MHz convex / 7.5MHz linear / 3.0 MHz Micro-Convex /6.0Mhz TV probe
o Foot-switch
o SONY UP-X898MD B&W Video Printer