Digital Electrocardiograph - CG3T

Digital Electrocardiograph ECG (Model No: CG3T) 3 channel Portable - LCD display By Akai

ECG is mainly designed to record physiological electrical signals, resulted from activities of cordis and analyze rhythm and configuration for clinic diagnose and research.

ECG Intended use:

The cardiogram and heart rate recorded by the ECG can help doctors to analyze and diagnose heart disease or arrhythmia in hospitals.

It is compact size makes it suitable for use while visiting patients at home.

ECG Features:

* Digital signal processor for effective inhibition of baseline drift, AC interference filter, EMG interference filter, and the heart rate, to guarantee the authenticity and dependability.

* Auto-regulation of baseline drift can effectively inhibit baseline drift, optimizing the printing position to achieve high-quality ECG.

* Have regular automatically measuring and analyzing function for ECG parameters to lessen doctor's load.

* With a high-resolution thermal printer to print out ECG trace, describing the trace clear and accurate, annotation as well as related parameters for diagnostic reference.

* Roll recording paper for ECG is 80mm in width, simultaneous 12 lead acquisitions and 3 lead live records, high affectively of ECG examination, good effect and economic utility.

* Function of rhythm lead for observing abnormal ECG trace & heart rate.

* Supported by AC/rechargeable battery for continuous examination whenever necessary. For battery operation, ECG is equipped with a battery charger and system for battery capacity management and protection.

* Safety level for ECG corresponds to type CF, class I according to the IEC60601 - 1 criterion.

The amplifier is a floating input circuit that can examine human cordis directly with safety and reliability.