Technical specifications:

o Measurement: Light reflective.

o Light source: LED

o Display : LCD

o Indication error : 0 ~ 25mg / dL ± 1.0mg / dL. o Power : Lithium battery(DC 3.6V , 1000mAh± 20%), Can check measuring more than 800 times.

o Check color screen White end face is 0,the yellow end face ±1.0 Main Function: o Can displayed separately mg / dl , µmol / L in the mean time.

o Data storage: can storage 200 measuring data.

o Calculating the average function: it has function that measuring 2-5 times, then work out the average automatically.

o Open preparation time: boot, no need to prepare.

o Battery voltage detection function :it will be displayed "low battery" when the battery Voltage less than 3.6V.

o Automatic shut down after the non working state for 10 minutes automatic shut down function.