AKAIMed ANESTHESIA MACHINE (Model No: Galaxy1000) 

Main Feature:

o Completely integrated anesthesia gas delivery system, pneumatically driven and electronically controlled.

o 4-tubes of flowmeters for 2-gas sources and suitable for various operation requirements.

o Support low flow anesthesia technique.

o Ventilation modes include IPPV, PCV, SIMV and PS modes, can easily meet clinical requirements.

o Electronic PEEP control, Set the PEEP directly. oThe minimum tidal volume down to 20 ml, suitable for pediatric operation.

o Electromagnetic valve ensures accurate tidal volume and compensation.

o 8.4-inch TFT display with touch screen, different parameters distinguished by colors easy to read and simple to use.

o Integrated breathing circuit system equipped with non-consumables flow sensor.

o The single-turn APL valve includes a quick-release function to quickly lower patient breathing pressure and accurately sets pressure limits.

o Advanced one button switch of manual/auto provides convenient pneumatic/auto controlling interchanges.

o Optional AGSS provides more protection for clinicians.

o Optional multi-gas monitoring, including CO2, N20 and 5 anesthetic gases.