Power supply 220V, 50-60Hz with integrated Batteries.

Corded Hand Remote. Five Section Radio Translucent Top Suitable for C-ARM and X-ray


Five sections Removable Mattress.

Matt finished polished in high-quality Stainless steel Base cover, Column

cover, and Top frame. Lateral Guide rails for attachment of accessories in Stainless steel.

Detachable and Interchangeable Head and Leg Section. Floor locking is provided on the base of the table.

Powered Height Adjustment from 770mm-1020mm

· Powered Trendlenburg/Reverse Trendlenburg from 20°-20°

Powered Lateral Tilt Right/Left from 24-24°

Powered back position from 80°-15°

Manually Adjustment of Leg section to 90° down. Split away leg section

to 180 as optional accessory

Manually Adjustment of Head Section to 90° down-90° up.

Manually adjustment by the crank of Kidney Bridge to 135mm

Standard Accessories: Side support, shoulder support, L frame, lithotomy crutches and handrest.

Overall size: 1990 L x 575 W mm